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Professional Brake Repair in Santa Cruz

Professional Brake Repair in Santa Cruz Brake inspection and brake repair is probably the most important work we do at the full-service Goodyear Tires and Auto Repair shop in Santa Cruz. When it comes to safely stop your vehicle – there is no substitute. That’s why we provide top brake repair and service in Santa Cruz. Brake failure is a scary and dangerous experience – don’t let that happen to you. At our Santa Cruz auto repair shop we can inspect the brakes and repair whatever may be amiss – from worn-out brake pads to warped rotors, sticky calipers, brake lines, brake fluid, and whatever else may ail your vehicle. Whether you drive Nissan Titan, or a little Honda Fit, keeping its brakes in excellent working condition should always be your priority.  Reasons to Have the Brakes Checked Out: Going on a Long Trip Before going on a long trip, brake check is a must. In general, we recommend full oil service and over ... read more


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JD Powers announce that Hyundai won Mass Market Brand Technology Innovation Award

JD Powers ranked Hyundai highest in the Technology Innovation for the mass market segment. Long gone are the days when Hyundai competed primarily on price. Over time Hyundai improved quality of their vehicles, and provided customers with a full line to choose from - from compacts, to sedans, to SUVs, including the all-electric Kona SUV.  JD Powers just crowed Hyundai the Technology Innovation leader among mass market vehicles. Ranking high in the execution scores as well, Hyundai is proving that its strategy is working and it is producing modern, highly desirable vehicles. At Goodyear Tires & Auto Repair we have been serving Hyundai owners for decades, and will continue to do so in the future. Our full service Santa Cruz auto repair shop offers full range of Hyundai maintenance and repair services. When you bring your Hyundai to Goodyear Tires & Auto Repair in Santa Cruz, your vehicle will be in great hands. Our nationally ASE certified ... read more

Volkswagen To Make EV Battery Packs in the United States

August 2020 Volkswagen just announced that it will expand its Chattanooga factory to add battery pack production. The factory is already slated to assemble electric vehicles, but now VW will add electric vehicle cell and battery production. Volkswagen plans to have cell and battery pack testing lab completed and fully operational by Spring 2021. At Goodyear Tires & Auto Repair in Santa Cruz we applaud Volkswagen for its commitment to electric vehicle production in the US. Naturally when these vehicles appear in Santa Cruz, our technicians will be fully trained and equipped to provide full maintenance and repair services. In the meantime, we can service and repair your current Volkswagen. So whether you gasoline powered Volkswagen needs oil service, brake pad replacement, or major repairs, bring it to our full service Santa Cruz auto repair shop – we will take great care of your vehicle. Call us to schedule an appointment

How Often Do I Need Wheel Alignment in Santa Cruz?

How Often Do I Need Wheel Alignment in Santa Cruz?

How Often Do I Need Wheel Alignment in Santa Cruz? Given the sorry state of our roads, your car should have an alignment check once a year. While Santa Cruz is not as bad as some other cities in the Bay Area, there are still plenty of potholes, road work and other opportunities for the wheels to get out of alignment. This in turn leads to less comfortable ride, and accelerated tire wear – misaligned wheels cost you comfort and money.  Wheel alignment benefits The benefits for wheel alignment include, smoother ride, better handling, improved mileage and longer tire life.  At Goodyear Tires and Auto Repair in Santa Cruz we recommend doing a yearly wheel alignment check. We can perform wheel alignment check along with the regular oil service, so there is no need to schedule a separate appointment, unless you feel that the car is so badly out of alignment that it should not wait until next oil service. If you want to find out about symptoms of wheels out of alignment, c ... read more

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