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Catalytic Converter Replacement in Santa Cruz, CA

Welcome to the premier catalytic converter replacement shop in Santa Cruz – Goodyear Tires and Auto Repair. Catalytic converter replacement used to be a rare event. Since catalytic converters have no moving parts, they rarely failed. However over the last couple of years a rash of catalytic converter thefts swept through Santa Cruz, and we are seeing plenty of cars that had their catalytic converter stolen. Cars most at risk are Prius Gen2 as well as Honda Element, but given the high return thieves get for just a couple minutes of work (literally) and little probability of being prosecuted, the theft epidemic shows no signs of slowing down and any vehicle can be a target. 

When thieves steal the catalytic converter, they can also damage other components, increasing replacement costs. Because California has stringent emissions laws, catalytic converter replacement tends to be an expensive proposition. If you own a Prius Gen 2 or Honda Element, we recommend parking it in a garage overnight.

If you must leave your car on the street overnight, we recommend that you call us and have a catalytic converter shield installed. A thief will instantly see that the car is protected and will move on looking for an easier target.

Call Goodyear Tires and Auto Repair Santa Cruz for catalytic converter replacement and catalytic converter shield installation. Don’t wait for your catalytic converter to be stolen.

What is Involved in Catalytic Converter Replacement

To replace a catalytic converter, first thing we will need is your vehicle VIN (vehicle identification number). Due to stringent regulations, we need the VIN to find the correct catalytic converter, and one that is legal in California (if incorrect catalytic converter is installed, your vehicle is guaranteed to fail the next smog test).  

If the converter was stolen, we will also assess any additional damage that thieves did – the most frequent victim is the oxygen sensor.

Once we repair the damage and complete catalytic converter installation, we will use state-of-the-art digital diagnostic tools to verify that the installation was successful and emissions are within the correct range. To make that assessment, we perform stationary tests, as well as a road test. Only after your vehicle’s emissions are back to their legal range will we consider the repair complete.

So if one morning you start your car and hear there roar that is the telltale sign that catalytic converter was stolen, or if you simply see a check engine light and suspect that catalytic converter might be the problem, call our Santa Cruz auto repair shop. We also offer convenient online appointments.

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