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Brake Repair in Santa Cruz, CA

When it’s time for a professional brake inspection and repairs, there are usually warning signs, here is an abbreviated list: “Spongy” brake pedal - if you press the brake pedal and it feels “spongy” or soft, it can indicate brake problems – time to get the brake system checked out by a professional mechanic. Brakes that squeak – usually a sign that something is wrong with the brakes, time to get your vehicle to a repair shop asap. Car shakes during braking – shaking or strong vibrations during braking usually indicate problems with warped rotors. Rotor replacement is the likely solution. Modern rotors tend to be too thin to allow for rotor resurfacing. “ABS” warning light – anti-lock brake warning light indicates a problem with the ABS / anti-lock braking system. We recommend visiting a professional mechanic to diagnose and repair this problem. Good ... read more


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