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Professional Brake Repair in Santa Cruz

Professional Brake Repair in Santa Cruz Brake inspection and brake repair is probably the most important work we do at the full-service Goodyear Tires and Auto Repair shop in Santa Cruz. When it comes to safely stop your vehicle – there is no substitute. That’s why we provide top brake repair and service in Santa Cruz. Brake failure is a scary and dangerous experience – don’t let that happen to you. At our Santa Cruz auto repair shop we can inspect the brakes and repair whatever may be amiss – from worn-out brake pads to warped rotors, sticky calipers, brake lines, brake fluid, and whatever else may ail your vehicle. Whether you drive Nissan Titan, or a little Honda Fit, keeping its brakes in excellent working condition should always be your priority.  Reasons to Have the Brakes Checked Out: Going on a Long Trip Before going on a long trip, brake check is a must. In general, we recommend full oil service and over ... read more


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