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Autonomous Vehicles - Accelerated Tire Wear

Recently, Business Insider published an article about yet another negative of the autonomous vehicles. As we get more acquainted with them, it turns out they suffer from accelerated tire wear. Autonomous vehicles are typically built on the electric vehicle platform, to make a true “futuristic” car. But the immediate torque that occurs with electric vehicles results in much faster tire wear than with regular cars. So owners of autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles, in general, will need to get used to replacing tires more frequently. To partially alleviate this problem, tire manufacturers are planning to outfit tires with new sensors, to warn owners when the tire needs to be replaced. This is similar to the TPMS sensors that currently warn us when tires are under-inflated. Tires in the future will be smart enough to tell us when they need to be replaced. But current tires are not that smart yet, so for the time being, if you are not quite sure if your tires need to be ... read more


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Goodbye Volkswagen Beetle

Whether you loved the original Volkswagen Beetle or the New Beetle, we are sad to report that Volkswagen decided that 2019 will be the last year that Volkswagen New Beetle will be produced. At Goodyear Tires and Auto Repair in Santa Cruz we will continue to maintain and repair your Volkswagen, and at this point in time, we do not foresee any problems with parts availability. Introduced in 1998, the New Beetle was a worthy successor to the original Beetle. Unfortunately, sales declined during the last few years, and Volkswagen management decided to discontinue production.   But just because Volkswagen decided to discontinue New Beetle does not mean you should not own one.  There are plenty of pre-owned vehicles available for purchase. Should you decide to buy one, we highly recommend a comprehensive Volkswagen pre-purchase inspection. Goodyear Tires and Auto Repair on Water Street can inspect the vehicle BEFORE you complete the purchase, and provide you with a detailed repo ... read more


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