How Often Do I Need Wheel Alignment in Santa Cruz?

How Often Do I Need Wheel Alignment in Santa Cruz?

Given the sorry state of our roads, your car should have an alignment check once a year. While Santa Cruz is not as bad as some other cities in the Bay Area, there are still plenty of potholes, road work and other opportunities for the wheels to get out of alignment. This in turn leads to less comfortable ride, and accelerated tire wear – misaligned wheels cost you comfort and money. 

Wheel alignment benefits

The benefits for wheel alignment include, smoother ride, better handling, improved mileage and longer tire life. 

At Goodyear Tires and Auto Repair in Santa Cruz we recommend doing a yearly wheel alignment check. We can perform wheel alignment check along with the regular oil service, so there is no need to schedule a separate appointment, unless you feel that the car is so badly out of alignment that it should not wait until next oil service. If you want to find out about symptoms of wheels out of alignment, check out our Santa Cruz wheel alignment page

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