Subaru Brake Service in Santa Cruz, CA

Subaru Brake Service in Santa Cruz, CA

Goodyear Tires and Auto Repair is a full service Santa Cruz auto care facility. In addition to tires, we offer complete range of automotive repairs, including Subaru brake service. Brakes are the most important safety system of a car. Our highly skilled mechanics service your Subaru’s brakes, as well as diagnose and repair any brake problems it may exhibit.

Regular brake service gives one the peace of mind that comes from knowing that brakes were serviced by highly trained, highly experienced professionals. In addition to the feeling of safety, regular brake service saves you money as well – some brake conditions, if not serviced in a timely manner, will result in damage and higher repair costs. Here are some signs that it’s time to bring your Subaru to an auto repair shop for brake service:

Everyone wants peace of mind in knowing that their brakes will not fail. A regular brake service ensures that you are able to bring your vehicle to a stop safely whenever you want to. Here are three reasons to bring your vehicle for regular brake service:

  • Soft or spongy brake pedal -  when brakes feel squishy and you have to push the pedal really hard to get the car slowing down, it’s time for brake service
  • Unusual sounds – normally brakes are pretty quiet. When you hear squeaking, squealing, grinding sounds when applying brakes, visiting your mechanic is a good idea.
  • Pulling – if your vehicle pulls to one side while braking, there are a number of reasons for that – to figure out the root cause we recommend taking it to a professional auto repair shop.
  • Vibration – steering wheel vibration while braking can mean warped brake rotors, but there are other possible causes, so a professional brake inspection is indicated.

Goodyear Tires and Auto Repair is a family owned and operated full service auto care facility in Santa Cruz. While brakes are vital to your safety, and we strongly recommend regular brake inspections, we can also provide your Subaru comprehensive range of services and repairs. Our work is covered by 24 months / 24,000 mile warranty. Call us to make an appointment.

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