Tire Repair in Santa Cruz, CA

Tire repair is a fact of life for car owners, unfortunately. A stray nail can cause a major inconvenience, especially if the puncture is so severe that you have to use a spare tire. If you are lucky, only a slow leak develops and after the tire warning light lets you know that something is amiss with your tires, you will be able to add air and  look for a "tire shop near me".

At Goodyear Tires and Auto Repair in Santa Cruz we offer on-the-spot tire repairs. While not all tire punctures are repairable, we will inspect the tire and let  you know if your's is. If so, we will get it repaired and back on your car, usually in less than an hour.

If the tire's sidewall has been compromised, or the puncture is too large, such tires cannot be repaired. In that case, we offer a wide range of replacement tires, including Continental tires, Bridgestone and Michelin tires as well.

So next time  your vehicle picks up a nail, or develops a tire leak, call Goodyear Tires and Auto Repair in Santa Cruz and we will get your problem solved.

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