Toyota Brake Fluid Change in Santa Cruz, CA

Braking system is the primary safety system of your Toyota. At Goodyear Tires and Auto Repair, the premier Santa Cruz full service auto repair facility, we provide comprehensive brake repairs and services, including Toyota brake fluid change.

Regular brake fluid change is important to the proper functioning of your vehicle’s brake system. Brake fluid works under high pressure and high heat conditions. Over time it will suffer from chemical deterioration due to age and high heat, will pick up grime and other impurities as it circulates through the system, and it will absorb moisture from the environment. This last condition – increased water content of the brake fluid - can cause increased braking distance, and in severe cases, it can even cause brakes failure.

Car manufacturers offer different time / mileage intervals for brake fluid changes, shortest being 20,000 miles, and some as long as 150,000 miles. At our Santa Cruz auto repair shop we recommend brake fluid test after 20,000 miles from the last brake fluid change. During the brake fluid testing, we not only check visual appearance of the brake fluid, but also use a special test to check the water content of your Toyota’s brake fluid. Based on inspection and test results we can recommend brake fluid flush, or will let you know there is no need for brake fluid replacement at this time.

So next time you bring your Toyota for oil change, and if it has been more than 20,000 miles since the last brake fluid change, ask us to perform a  brake fluid test. Naturally, if you have any other concerns about the braking system, or any other part of your vehicle, let us know was well – our nationally ASE certified technicians will inspect and if need be, diagnose and repair any problem your Toyota may exhibit.

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